Near Bangalow there are quite a lot of vegan restaurants that rock, I now at least 7, such as The Beet, Cardamom Pod, Mana Haven, Vegan Burger Night, Elixiba, Govindas and of coarse me and my dads kitchen. I love being a vegan it’s a great healthy lifestyle for me and my awesome family.

Just a few weeks ago I went on school camp and had a great fun adventure with my friends. I went on camp as a vegan and I was lucky because if your   a vegan you get to cut the queues. Some of the other kids hated their food but I loved all of mine, from the falafel to the spring rolls and delicious pasta all the way to the best slice of chocolate cake ever.

When somebody wants to become a vegan their biggest fear is missing out on milk, eggs, butter, chocolate, cake but its not that at all. all that yummy chocolate can be replaced  with vegan chocolate it’s so good it is like really good dark chocolate I love it it is sold at santos Byron Bay. And milk that’s simple theirs coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk, oat milk and my favourite rice milk. I even made my own oat milk the other day with no artificial flavours or sugar.

Life as a vegan is Natural stick with me and before you can say yes I would have already worked my magic and you will be a vegan its important.