Thats me

Hello there I’m Teal not the colour or duck it’s me one of my hobbies is cooking I love cooking and opening my eyes to new  flavours. I adore cooking for my family as they thank me and my dad for it I enjoy feeling appreciated it makes me feel happy like my dog dose.

My favorite meal is dal. I know it off by heart and  I even eat it for breakfast sometimes. Cooking dal is my favorite because I get to become head chief . The first meal I ever cooked was dal and that’s what told me that I love cooking and trying new foods whether their from India , Mexico  , Canada , America , China , Australia the list goes on . I am only ten and I’m trying to help all of you as fast as I can.

My favorite show is masterchef junior it is all the best kids having a competition and Gordon Ramsay is running it and judging it  the only thing I don’t like is its all meat and dairy that they cook.

Well that’s a small piece of my mind I’m  a dal lover cooking lover and a dog lover.    

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